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Mr. Young

"She represented me to the fullest. She is always on time with her answering the phone and responding when trouble comes always. She don't give up. No matter how long and what she has to do to fight for your rights. My family loves her including me she is so awesome. Most important thing of all she's not the judgemental type she believes everyone has an equal opportunity... Thank you Ms. Zalloum for everything you've done for me and I have a brand-new start to live my life thank you so much and God bless!!!"

Ms. Thompson

 "Ms. Dalya Zalloum is one incredible lawyer that is most definitely willing to fight for your rights... This is a great law firm all the way around the border, hands down!!!"

Mr. Harper

"To be honest it was like I had my mother representing me as in they did everything in there power to help me get the best outcome from my situation.
If you're looking for a great attorney who knows what she's doing I would personally recommend Dalya Zalloum. She's professional and does anything and everything to help you. Thank you."

Mr. Osepchook

"Helped me out of an assult case. Ms. Zalloum is an angel and an excellent lawyer." 

Mr. Smith

"Dalya was so quick to help me, she took every step possible with her extensive knowledge of the law and made sure I was updated the whole way through. Lawyers previously had shown a lack of care for their clients but with Dalya it was clear I was her  first priority, immediate action and great results make her the best Lawyer in Florida, I definitely recommend her."

Mr. Yaz

 "Dalya is a superb criminal defense attorney. Passionate about what she does, she zealously advocates for her clients. Highly recommend!!"